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Download the latest full version of dBSea (requires HASP key or trial license): dBSea 2.3.3

To use dBSea 2.x with an existing HASP key, we will need to upgrade your key details. You can generate a C2V file with Tools -> Generate C2V. Contact dBSea with your C2V so we can update you for version 2.x.

Or try dBSea Basic 2.3.3 It's free to use. It needs no HASP key or trial license, but it's restricted to simple logarithmic solvers that do not account for environmental variables.

Please contact your local distributor to request a 30 day trial and pricing information for your region, or for a 32 bit version.

If you have an existing HASP key which is valid for version 1.x, the most recent 1.x release is dBSea 1.3.15 

Sound Risk Indicator (dBSea plugin) 
Developed by Irwin Carr Consulting & Equinor. This stand-alone version of dBSea is the same as dBSea Basic, except it has the SRI tool built in. This tool can help rapid assessment of acoustic impact changes to inform the design phase of noisy activities.
(direct link to download page)

Other downloads:
dBSea soft key instructions
dBSea help file
dBSea installation instructions
dBSea Frequently Asked Questions
dBSea c2v tool
dBSea c2v tool User Guide
dBSea validation document

Example scenarios for download:
(extract .UWA file and scenario description from .zip file)
Source Geometry - point, line or moving?
Northern Ireland - Pile driving
NE Seaboard of the US - Shapefiles
Red Sea - Seabed effects
Persian Gulf - Land blocking
Disko Bay - Frequency weighting
Hornsea - Sound Exposure, duty cycles and counts 
Los Angeles
Can also be viewed in dBSea Basic
(The above scenarios were designed as
examples of dBSea features, they are not
real-world examples)

Users who are experiencing trouble using HASP keys can manually install the HASP driver


Publications relating to dBSea:

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  • Rasmus S. Pedersen. (2017). Presentation of dBSea at Marine Summit Ireland. Marine Institute, Galway, Ireland (Download).
  • Advice from the Institute of Marine Research of anthropocentric noise in the sea: seismic,electromagnetic surveys and underwater explosions (Download) (Norwegian)
    View online: